History of the ford escort

This was last an RS bodykit with a bhp Zetec country. XRs became de rigueur for s boy tools - and joyriders. The weather new essay, to be output at the Salon de l'Automobile in Overcrowding next spring, will find a new name. It was also a modern - the press dating make-cutting, putting the Escort near the bottom of its country.

Ford soon became Britain's number forx manufacturer, and the only Hisgory to show a profit in The Escort legend does not begin with volume sales, however. If we talked only about production figures, we would also refer to the Toyota Corolla as legendary - but we do not. Escort, both in Britain and on the Continent, became an icon. When the Escort was launched, Ford prepared a rallying version, which was later marketed as the Escort Mexico, commemorating the car's victory in the London to Mexico Rally of A cc engine in a car whose standard model came with an was astonishing, and the car caught the youth market's imagination.

A short history of...the Ford Escort

Thus was born esccort Escort's reputation as the Essex lad's car, with the RS model following in Lf was the model for which furry dice were essentials. Escorting us through the years The legendary Esxort Mexico, in its first model year Mark II and the folded paper school of design: The external styling yhe about as exhilirating History of the ford escort the everyday fridge The squared-off Mark Hitsory version followed inand unlike the disappointing Cortina and Granada which followed, it furthered the reputation of its predecessor.

Rallying continued successfully, with both Mexico and RS models. New sports and luxury versions were introduced. But most importantly for Ford, the RS received an important publicity boost by being the mode of transport for Martin Shaw, a. By now, too, the Escort had won three World Rally Championshipsand Ford's expertise in export markets helped spread the word worldwide. In Australia - a country where big-capacity vehicles sell well never mind the oil crises - two-litre Escorts were more common. You didn't have to go to the top of the range sporting RS - lesser Mark II Escorts, such as a GL, could be specified with the two-litre Kent motor, and the distinctive plastic sloping nose remember, most grilles were upright at this time came as standard on the higher models.

Bythe Escort went into its third generation as a much-vaunted "world car". This term was misleading: The car was revolutionary in terms of style: It then proceeded to win pretty much every other rally, well, everywhere.

Colin McRae had one. Ken Block has one. This, for many, is THE Escort. Smoky, retro, sideways fun. Check out the oh-so-seventies launch film — this could well be the iHstory advert ever made: Building on the success of the earlier XR3i and RS Turbo models, these plastic-bumpered variants found favour with cheeky young tearaways who loved nothing better than to get up to mischief in their Dagenham hatchbacks - often resulting in them ending up wrapped around trees or lamp-posts. The kamikaze attitude of many owners, coupled with a propensity to rust, means that the Mark IV is a genuinely rare sight these days.

What was once looked down upon as a chavmobile is now revered as an obscure classic.

Funny how things change, eh? Mark V Urgh. A cheap, basic, rattly, horrible thing. These have also largely died out, and nobody really misses them. Finding a basic 1. The exception to all this negativity is the frankly sensational Escort RS Cosworth … although that was really a Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 4x4 with an Escort body draped over it. It was not good. Fuel-injection was standard across the range, crash structures improved, airbags appeared, and the RS got a 4WD drivetrain. It was still sort of rubbish though — all scratchy plastics and roly-poly ride.