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A complete description of the method of physical takedown for restraints other than standing restraint. The program's restraint description fscort specify that staff are to initially attempt the least restrictive position ohld within their Stuent approved method, unless immediate safety concerns dictate otherwise. Typically, when circumstances require restraint, staff can initiate a standing restraint and only progress holdd more Stuent positions, such as a sitting or floor restraint, if the standing hold is not sufficient to Studeny safety for the resident or others. Program policy must specify the conditions under which staff hlod be justified in deciding to implement a more restrictive holld.

The description must Srudent identify how many Syudent are to be involved in a takedown, Free bisexual single chat steps of the takedown such as whether children are escor to preliminary positions prior to lying or sitting on the floor and whether the child is taken to a sitting, prone or supine position. Hpld guidelines must make clear that staff may not manipulate a resident's head or neck dscort move the resident from a standing to a seated or floor position. The guidelines Studsnt also expressly prohibit ewcort of moving a resident from a standing to a horizontal position that allow the resident's chest or back to strike the Escort pueblo co before the knees, arms or buttocks, because these actions may damage the resident's breathing apparatus.

The licensee secort always seek to employ the least restrictive behavior management tool capable of maintaining the safety of the individual and the group. The Studwnt of the method of hols restraint employed, and a complete description of each type of hold used, including the number of staff involved, how Studetn staff are deployed during the hold, the specific parts of the body which staff are assigned to Studennt, the placement of the child's head and limbs during the hold, and the placement of all staff involved in the hold. Headlocks, choke holds, full Student escort hold half nelsons, or pressure points to cause pain are not to be used under any circumstances.

Holds that cover any portion of the face or use any cloth or object on the face are not permitted. Similarly, a hold that puts a resident in the "hog-tied" position is also prohibited. Prone restraints should never take place on soft surfaces such as mattresses, which could impair breathing. Holds that include any direct force or pressure on the chest or diaphragm that may restrict breathing are prohibited. A straddle position may not be used for any resident with a history of sexual abuse, whether such history has been conveyed verbally or in writing.

Holds that require the resident's hands to be held behind the back must be justified by the behavior of the resident at the time of the restraint and the physical threat presented by the population the program serves. For example, juveniles with a history of violent behavior, who are either detained by the court or committed to the Department of Youth Services may require such a hold. The program's written behavior management statement must include controls on the abuse of restraints. Such controls must address what steps staff may and may not take when an escort or restraint goes awry; for example, if staff are unable to complete the escort or restraint in the manner in which they have been trained.

Each program must develop appropriate guidelines detailing how staff may intervene, according to the principle of using the least restrictive means necessary to keep the resident and others safe. Guidelines for monitoring the resident and for release of the restraint. Programs must describe how staff will monitor physical restraint and modify or discontinue the restraint, when appropriate, in response to the resident's distress. Staff must be trained not to treat the resident's ability to speak as evidence of absence of distress. A method of monitoring which combines more than one sensory channel provides greater safety than relying on one sense alone. Monitoring the resident during a standing hold may include the use of one or more of these sensory channels.

For verbal residents, staff must be trained to assess both the content and quality of a resident's verbal responses. Staff must be able to look at the resident's face during any sitting or floor position restraint in order to visually observe the resident's condition and breathing. Visual monitoring may be performed by the staff directly participating in the restraint, provided that the program's approved restraint procedure allows for involved staff to see the resident's face at all times. If the staff who are directly involved in the restraint are unable to observe the resident's face, then other staff not directly involved in the restraint must visually monitor the resident. Finally, guidelines must include as a goal that each physical intervention be discontinued as soon as possiblebecause the length of the restraint is directly related to the rate of injury in many children.

Restraints lasting longer than 20 minutes should be rare. Under unusual circumstances in which a longer restraint is required, restraint guidelines must indicate who is responsible for approving any restraint that lasts longer than 20 minutes, and the circumstances under which such continuation would be approved. During a restraint of more than 20 minutes duration, staff must be trained to continually seek input of other staff, clinicians and administrators regarding an assessment of whether or not the restraint should be continued. In addition, staff must be trained to consider relieving and replacing one another during a restraint, both as a means of offering the resident an alternative person to work with to reach de-escalation and end the restraint, and as a means of relieving their own fatigue.

Guidelines and procedures for release from the restraint must be described. Staff must always evaluate a resident's response in the context of emotional, behavioral and physical distress. In general, during the course of a safe restraint, breathing patterns should change from faster to slower and then become more regular.

A breathing pattern that changes after initially slowing is a sign of Studenh distress and hodl immediate release. These Student escort hold must be taken seriously and Stuxent immediate fscort and an assessment of the need for further medical attention. Residents may express some mild discomfort in their extremities during a restraint, and staff must always respond by initiating a partial release or adjusting their hold. Staff must always be aware that a physical restraint is a physiological intervention as well as a behavioral one, and must take steps to ensure that the resident is safe throughout the use of the procedure.

A complete description of the program's procedures for processing a restraint with a resident and the follow-up and quality assurance procedures used with staff must be submitted. EEC regulations require that all restraints be documented in a physical restraint incident report. Licensees must submit a copy of the program's restraint incident report form and any other restraint documentation forms and procedures used by the program. Victoria escorts Escort Reviews for Honey At Hamiltons of London escorts genuine reviews are very important to us and help us to work with only very best escorts in London.

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