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And while it can be tempting to present only the parts of yourself you think more people will like, research suggests it's better to be upfront.

These are the best ways to improve your online dating profile, according to science

Some research suggests that names in higher in the alphabet may be linked with measures of success such as education level or income, and these names are also likely to show up higher in search results. Here Dating match sexy pic a few tips to help boost your online dating game: Show off your sense of humor don't just talk about it. Screenshot Once you've found someone you want to get to know, it's time to craft a message. The best online dating profiles contain both self-descriptions and information about the ideal mate, and research has shown that the optimal ratio of information about who you are vs.

For their study, researchers surveyed 30 men and 30 women about their online dating experiences, and found that having a good photo was more important than any other aspect of their profile.