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Four hours in each day were devoted to prayer and singing. Chrysostom soon gained by his eloquent sermons the admiration of the people, of the weak Emperor Arcadius, and, at esclrt, even of his wife Eudoxia, with whom he afterwards waged a deadly war. The last words on his lips were, "Glory be to God for all things! At about this time he put a stop to a practice which was offensive to him, although none of his predecessors outwardly considered it disrespectful; this practice was applauding in church, which would be considered extremely vulgar today, and the absence of which has added to the solemnity of Church services.

The Life of Saint John Chrysostom

Their only food was bread and water, except in case of sickness. They held all things in common, and the words of "mine and thine," which cause innumerable strifes in the world, were unknown among the brethren. But he also made enemies by his denunciations of the vices and follies of the clergy and aristocracy.