Escort bda rs1600 air box

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RS1600 Escort BDA Airbox

The added refinements make the RS driving experience a touch more insulated as the thicker carpets and Escort bda rs1600 air box trim gox road noise. The 'induction roar' transports you back to those special stages of the seventies! The RS Escrot has been restored to very high standard and retains all the originality of a BDA together with a complete history. But it also diluted the recipe, with its more luxurious interior aimed at business execs with a sporting streak rather than out-and-out road racers. Whether you fall for the kudos of the seminal, Lotus-engined Twin Cam with its rich, tinny bark or prefer the screaming persona of the magnificent BDA lump, either Escort is guaranteed to turn every drive into a rally stage.