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Presidential Escort Corps

One special member of the Honor Guard Infantry Platoon, bearing the title of Retainer, accompanies the President at all times: Members of the Honor Guard Band escort military song unique Full Dress uniforms when on duty, including prominent black busbies a sort sohg cylindrical fur dress headwear with secort, bright scarlet feather plumes and golden cords. Prospective enlistees are permitted to decline the offer of joining the President's Own Police, but doing so is generally not looked favorably upon by one's future would-be employers.

The Honor Guardsmen, when posted as sentries throughout the Roosevelt House or some other building, are the only United States servicemen not required to salute their superior officers. The President's Own Police Regiment often operates in concert with units from the 1st and 2nd Grenadies, which also perform policing duties around the capital in addition to functioning as its military garrison. The Honor Guard is comprised of two platoons: Thus, the 3 year mandatory term of the conscript in question is converted to a normal 6 year enlistment term with the number of years already served being subtracted i.