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Yet this claim driectory refuted by all levels of courts in the Bedford case. After reviewing the actual evidence from all interested parties to this debate, judges found that there are indeed ways to make the sex trade safer, such as working from a secure indoor location, and performing screening of clients, incidentally both activities that will be inadvertently criminalized by Bill C Additionally, incall agencies which were made illegal by the previous legislation, which the Bedford case found to be unconstitutionalprovide sex workers with a safe and clean location to work out of. In my early days in the industry, prior to working independently, I worked for a number of escort agencies.

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I personally find this to escorr an unjust and unnecessary burden on Canadians who are simply trying to engage in a discreet adult exchange. They also provided me with advertising services, which I wouldn't have had the know-how, or the money to pay for myself. Sex workers and their clients are Canadians too, and they too deserve the same basic rights and consideration as all other Canadians.