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Adder, Gecko or Sidewinder. Anaconda, Boa or Python. Anaconda and Aniconda escort ships will not launch automatically at red alert - not so good fighters, better if not send them into the combat if not forced by hand. Heavy escorts Asp can fit also but if you want more escorts than all other decks can hold then you can change your configutation to the traderless XL Deck Aniconda escort below. Good trader ships which can fit into the main decks: Large fighter-traders fit Basildon slut Granite Python from EscortPack and the very fast and agile Vector.

You can use these as additional shields on your Carrier if not launched. Most pirate groups will flee insantly after you released your fleet. Sit into an escort ship You can sit into and launch within a carried escort ship if you change the mode of Escort Deck from "avoid to sit into a selected escort" to "allow" the same option. Press activate n to show "allow" instead of "avoid", then select an usable non-salvage escort ship landed on your deck with 'b' and use the 'n' key to launch yourself within the selected ship. You can launch in playable ships only has player role and view positions in shipdata. EscortDeck will try to replace the -trader and -pirate suffixes in dataKeys and use the -player variant if available, but in other cases you must make playable by hand in the ship's OXP.

When you are not in the Carrier you still can check your wingmans on MFD and command them to attack a target by locking it and delivering a laser hit. You will be transferred into the bridge of Carrier after the docking tunnel. For example do not dock into a station while you are in an escort, nor enter into a wormhole, go back into your Carrier first.

Instant launch Aiconda top front landing position will acts as a command bridge: In this case the Carrier is a very large detachable escort deck under the Commander's ship. Trading You will be able to use the cargo capacity of traders on your deck. If you have 6 Cobra Mark I on board then your total cargo capacity is t, but you will not see this in one piece.