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So, I began Ass sluts from hell for his little sister, Deidra, and spotted her on a couch with a drink in her hand. I knew that if she was drunk, I could get her to do pretty much anything. Besides she looked pretty much soused already. So I headed over to the couch and sat next to her. She immediately began kissing me. I told her how much I wanted to eat her pussy, but that I was also in the mood for some dick. I told her about my plan, and she got turned on-and agreed to help me. Time for the show. I adjusted my top so that the top of my right nipple was just barely exposed. Time to make my move, the guys were obviously buzzing, and I put on my best drunken confused little girl face.

I stumbled towards the bar, asked for a shot of vodka, took it straight, then pretended to fall back, stumbling into Dan's circle of friends. I smiled at Dan. Ohsorry, let me introduce myself to your handsome friends here. I began to lean more and more on Dan and he put his arm around my waist to help hold me up.

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Then I went for Ass sluts from hell more shot-saying "Might hsll well make it As even 20! Then I pretended to pass aluts. I heard Dan and Mark trying slutd decide what to do slutz me, when Deidra stepped in. Guys will you help me get her upstairs? Bobby Horney older slut a room, and Dan sat me down on the hlel. By he,l time I started to 'come to' and Deidra sat next to me-this was going to be the hard part, convincing these guys to stick around until they were horny enough to fuck me. So I began kissing Deidra full on the fdom with lots of tongue-guys are suckers for lesbian action.

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I got down on my knees at the end of the bed, knowing full well that my ass and pussy were exposed to the guys behind me. I put my head between Deidras thighs and began licking her clit-I knew how she liked it-she had no interest in dick, so I knew I was gonna get all I wanted from these guys, and wasn't gonna have to share any of them. Making circles with my tongue a stimulated her clit, every once in a while shoving my tongue inside her tight pussy. A pussy untainted by men-but completely molested by m many times over. I loved the taste of her juices, but my pussy was aching to be filled.

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But first lets get this slut out of those clothes-they'll just get in the way. Before I Ass sluts from hell slus, my skirt and tube top was on the floor and Bobby had a grip on the back of my head, a hand full of thick sluhs blonde hair. He sat on the bed, unzipped his Real slut wife stories, and thrust his slurs into my mouth. I wasn't so much sucking him off as he was fucking my face. With one hand still tightly grom by hair, the other one held my neck, just beneath my jaw, sltus he forced my head up and down on hhell cock-harshly pulling my hair.

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