Escort rear axle fit

The R31 altered calipers are also printed by Westfield on their independant rear suspension models, so they no suit the erar. A faster rit that handles better is nothing without machine brakes and we essay a wonderfully range of choices. But you can remove the effort from the previous housing and trim around the same amount from the television itself in a lathe. Space rear browsing of some disc brake efforts websites such as www.

They are also only around 9mm thick which is perfect for the R31 calipers. They can't take a vented rotor as the channel is not wide enough. The Audi rotors need a little bit of work to fit.

You need to mill around 0. Alternatively you can remove the axle from the differential housing and trim around the same amount from the flange itself in a lathe. The other custom modification is the creation Esfort Escort rear axle fit EEscort of eear rings. These are necessary as the hub bore on the Audi rotors is around Their job is to sit between the hub and the rotor to ensure the rotor is perfectly centred. Failure to do this will lead to some nasty vibration and probably brake failure, so take note. Due to the width of the hub face on my alloy wheels, I also took the caution of buying and fitting a set of extended length wheel studs, as I was only getting around threads of stud in my wheel nut.

Now there is no doubt, with the stud extending past the nut!

What rear axle?? for mk1 escort to take 400bhp+

Once the rotors are bolted on, its time for the boring part. Tape measures and rulers will Escort rear axle fit cut it, you really need precision measuring equipment such as dial gauges and vernier calipers. It may not fit Mk1 or even some Mk2s. After you have taken all your measurements, its time to draw up the bracket. You have a choice here, on whether to get your brackets professional milled, or you can have a shot yourself. Keep in mind that you will need to be working with 5mm steel or aluminium plate, so its hard going by hand, and perhaps somewhat inaccurately.

In the pictures below, I made my prototype from thinner ally plate just to test fit. We can supply a fully reconditioned Type If you are planning more power for your Escort you have several options for your gearbox. Quietest is our helical synchro gearset for the Type-9, this is stronger than the standard gearset but is just as quiet. It also benefits from having much better ratios - perfect for the fast road car. Another worthwhile modification is a limited-slip differential of which we have several varieties from both Tran-X and Quaife, our sales staff will be able to advise you which is the best application for you.

Underneath the car, the Escort enjoys a huge range of different modification options, from mild road to out and out race car there is a product for this car. The first mod for any car should be to replace the suspension bushes throughout. Replacing your old, tired, bushes for these will make the car feel much tighter and more responsive on the go. Simple lowering springs on the front and blocks on the rear will improve the cars look and slightly improve handling for those on a budget.

The next step is to get uprated adjustable dampers. Escort rear axle fit EEscort control arms will give you the chance to adjust the amount of camber gear your front wheels, take camber out of your road car or put some in for your track car. A high ratio or quick steering rack not only speeds up the steering, it also reduces the amount of turns from one lock to the other. A wise investment is also an anti-dive or double width kit for your front anti-roll bar, this helps improve the Escorts stability under braking. The Escorts axle can have a tendency to move about slightly, polyurethane bushes will improve this, but for improved axle location you will find Anti Tramp Radius Arm kits.