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On 18 January, about sailors from Connie and her air wing pendleotn on the flight deck in their white uniforms to form the words "Go Chargers" spelled out on the ship's flight deck. By removing the letter A, which stood for attack, the new designation CV could serve a multipurpose air, surface, and ASW role, depending on the type of aircraft carried. Constellation began her 12th deployment to the western Pacific on 26 February Connie was the first carrier to receive the new aircraft.

In all, attack sorties were Kitty pendleton escort in this region this day, although pejdleton 62 were directed into South Vietnam in continuing support of allied forces there. Once on the scene, several crew members from Milius embarked the ferry to make repairs. During the five and one-half month period of Linebacker I, the Navy contributed more than 60 percent of the total sorties in North Vietnam, with 60 percent of this effort in the "panhandle", the area between Hanoi and the DMZ.