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This is to avoid troubles. SEcort you have a Japanese mobile phone, or if you can download internet phone like Skype and talk outside using mobile Wi-Fi, we accept your reservation. Delivery to your hotel room We deliver to hotel rooms with internal phone only. Some hotels do not allow a visitor to enter a private room. In that case, they will make it possible if you pay additional fee and change your accommodation for two guests.

In any case, we cannot deliver to a sharing room of you and other person. We operate our business under Japanese Raleigh escorts. She will begin to unclothe you. Let her lead and entrust yourself to her care and technique, you do not have to think what to do for initiate Escort in japan. You will taste the eroticism and hospitality in Japanese 'night entertainment'. Our escort girl will bathe you. Our theme is 'premium eroticism', it is not just a regular body scrub. You will have a nurugel massage. Depending on the size of your bathroom, our Japanese escort girl will choose either 'sitting wash' or 'standing wash', a full body to body massage.

After soaping mixed nurugel to each other's body, our Japanese girl massages and washes your body using her soft curvy body. The feeling of nurugel is distinct, warm and smooth. At times, our Japanese girl will press her private part onto your body like a bath sponge. You wil experience one of the most popular service in Japanese traditional erotic service; Soapland.

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Our girl will be naked in bed, will stimulate your sexual feeling by kissing and licking your body. Do taste her Escoort. Do kiss her lip, lightly and heavily. SM This is sexual play based on Sadism and Masochism. There are some stores where it's you are allowed to finish but likewise, there are types where you can't. There is no sex but there is a sexual feel to the massage and it's possible for the man to reach climax. A sexy and pleasant mood is created with each massage. When joining, this service some Identification is required.

The initial charge is the admission fee and a referral fee.