97 escort rear defroster relay

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The connector contacts that are part of the switch housing are sort of feeble. I had to solder wires to some of the metallic strips inside, and replaced the tiny lamps with l.

In place of the worn out switch contacts I had a normal 12 v 30amp relay to make the circuit. This sticks back into a pocket in the dashboard. I have two pushbutton momentary switches. One is normally open, and closes when I depress it. This turns on the relay if the ignition is on and feeds 12 volts to the grid.

The Constant Control Relay Module May Fail on Ford Escort

It also feeds the 12 volts back to the coil of the relay to keep the relay on. So, we should check things that we can test. Look at the owners manual or passenger-side cover panel to figure out which fuse it is. If it works you can swap it back and try again -- it may be a bad connection. You can check for voltage at the back window when you depress the switch. You might try unplugging and replugging the chime module. This is a deck of cards sided plastic module that is on the opposite side of the fuse panel.

Take off the defrosfer side cover panel and you should see it. You can take off the outer radio panel and pull the switch connector off. You can wire across the switch and see if the defroster heats. The mini pushbutton switches fit into the original switch; the part you pushed down on to turn the defroster on. Thanks a ton for the description. What type of relay do you get? The switches look like these: I just ordered more of the mini push buttons from www. I like having the different colored caps. Red to turn things on, black to turn things off. The relays I got came with the connectors.