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Like some of the way the other person in question. There are now wingles for cases of so-called honour babies to Dating pakistan asian singles recorded in the same way as forced marriages and domestic violence in a bid to gauge the scale of the problem. When we started to engage on the issue, speak out about it, develop helplines and raise awareness then zingles started to report it. The majority of them are out of wedlock. I believe that there should be more education on this matter and that would prevent a lot of accidents. Anonymous I have got a sister-in-law who fell pregnant out of wedlock at the tender age of She was dealt with in a manner of the utmost insensitivity one can imagine.

Her child was adopted in secret and never to be seen again. Harmeet I got pregnant before wedlock. I was disowned by my famliy and community. I got married to the father of the child Anonymous I'm a single mum with a year-old. I do get slightly embarrassed when people ask 'what does your husband do? Most people fear being judged. It's more accepted nowadays and people just don't care as much as they used to.