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Orientation The primary purpose of our orientation program is to introduce new freshmen and new transfer students to the SUNY Oneonta community. Our orientation program has three uniuq phases. An online orientation that students will participate in prior to enrollment. Students will meet other students and begin the process of making the transition to their new environment. Structured outreach and events during the first semester that students can participate in based on their schedule. Students accepted for the Spring term attend orientation in January prior to the beginning of classes.

A variety of optional lifestyles are offered for students to choose from. The halls are self-contained units where the daily needs Oneonta escorts students can be conveniently met. There are washing machines and dryers, as well as vending machines in each hall. Lounges are equipped with study space and recreation rooms have televisions and a variety of recreational equipment. Every bedroom is equipped with voice, cable, and data connections. Additionally, each residence hall has at least one computer lab. Staffing for the residence halls consists of one full-time professional Residence Hall Director, who is a student development specialist.

A concerted effort is made to aid students in the development of positive social behavior and good study habits, rather than to exercise close supervision of the individual. The College believes that all freshmen and sophomores should live in the residence halls. Students living on campus must contract for one of the dining hall meal plans. This system is flexible, providing a variety of choices in food selection, meal times, and sites. Inquiries about campus lifestyle options should be directed to the Residential Community Life Office. Privately-Operated Off-Campus Housing The College does not own or operate any off-campus housing, nor does it inspect or approve available housing, or become involved in private landlord-tenant matters.

However, to assist students and faculty, the Residential Life Office does maintain some listings and informational services regarding available private housing for rent. Student Health Services Appointments: Services at the Student Health Center are available to all registered students.

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Students are encouraged to make escortw, which can usually be scheduled within 24 hours of calling. Appointments can also be made through the health center portal. If a student prefers to be seen without an appointment, an urgent care clinic is available most afternoons. Waiting times for walk-in services vary and eescorts difficult to estimate. Health histories and immunizations: New York State Department of Health requires the college Oneonta escorts monitor the vaccine status of all registered students. Therefore, it is mandatory to provide a copy of immunization records to the Health Center Oneota 30 days of the start of your first semester in attendance at SUNY Oneonta.

This includes measles, mumps and rubella, and meningitis information. Students who fail to provide these records will be deregistered. It is escorst required that, prior to receiving services at the Health Center, students complete a health history located on the health center portal. Student Health Center services are covered under the comprehensive fee and Ojeonta the following for no additional charges: The following services are available for an additional nominal fee: If a student needs comprehensive laboratory or x-ray services, escorfs hospital or esckrts that provides the services will bill the student or parents directly.

Specialty medical care and emergency services are available in the community and at local hospitals. Office of Health Education The Office of Health Education is dedicated to fostering a campus climate that promotes low-risk choices, harm reduction, social norming and disease prevention. The Office of Health Education encourages students to work toward optimal wellness through the following services: The Office of Health Education offers a variety of outreach program that include: Programs include but are not limited to the following topics: Smoking cessation support is also available to students through this office. The Health Educator acts as an advocate for students concerning any issues regarding personal health and health care.

The peer education group, C. Choosing Healthier Options in a College Environment Successfullyexists on campus to help promote wellness issues for the entire campus community. Interested students should contact the Health Educator at The Office of Health Education is a clearinghouse of information concerning a variety of health topics. Members of the college community may access materials, including pamphlets, posters, videos and books. The Health Educator acts as a resource person and consultant for students requesting topical materials for class work, service projects or personal use.

Students have the opportunity to earn one to three credits working with the Office of Health Education. Internships can focus on specific health topics or provide a broader view of health promotional activities on the college campus. For more information please visit us on the web at www. Students diagnosed with a disability may be entitled to a wide array of accommodations to meet specific needs. These needs are supported through individualized accommodation plans formulated in a collaborative effort by the director of Accessibility Resources and the student. These plans must be supported by a current evaluation from an appropriate professional.

Accommodations may include, but are not limited to, classroom assistance, testing assistance, adaptive technology and individualized accommodations as needed. It is strongly suggested that all new students register with Accessibility Resources at the beginning of their first semester. Counseling Center The Counseling Center, located in the Counseling, Health and Wellness Building, provides supportive, collaborative, professional counseling for students. When young adults leave home for college, they face many challenges. They may find themselves coping with feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, or loneliness. Students face difficult decisions about serious issues such substance use, sexuality, and coping with prejudice.

These feelings, challenges, and stresses can interfere with the academic and social goals of students. Talking with a counselor can help students to cope while they learn new strategies and techniques for problem solving. Counseling can help students frame problems in ways that lead to solutions, and help to minimize the negative academic consequences of poor choices and help to clarify values related to career and lifestyle choices. Students are seen by appointment on a voluntary basis.

There is no charge. In addition to providing counseling services, counselors escortx offer consultation to friends, roommates ecsorts family members who may be concerned about a student. Confidential information cannot be discussed, but counselors can help to evaluate concerns, discuss options, and assist in problem solving. Career Development Center The Career Development staff is professionally trained to assist students and alumni in career decision-making, career planning, Escorts in cordoba search, and graduate school search. Onronta are available Oneonta escorts current students and alumni.

Career Counseling appointments are scheduled daily to help students work through concerns or problems associated with any aspect of career development. Focus, a computer-based career guidance system, helps students analyze their interests, skills, values and to explore career options. Career Development Center Staff is available to present a variety of career topics to halls, classes, clubs, organizations, honor societies, fraternities and sororities. The Center produces, receives, and subscribes to many different vacancy listings. Job seekers can identify which listings are most appropriate in their fields, and monitor them regularly by visiting the office or DragonLink.

On Campus Recruitment events are scheduled through the Center during fall and spring semesters. Interested students should view the calendar of events on the Career website or stop by the office for last minute additions. In partnership with Faculty Internship Coordinators, the Career Development Center Internship Coordinator provides local and regional outreach to representatives of organizations offering experiential learning opportunities. For all other tours such as one-day trips or gaming overnights, please call our office and we will mail one to you. Subject to policy provisions!

In connection with most one-day tours, a full refund will be available if cancellation is received at least three full business days prior to tour departure. Refunds for cancellations made within less than three full business days of departure will be made on condition that Eastern Travel is able to fill the space made available by the Oneonta escorts. After this time, refunds will only be available if Eastern Travel can fill the seats. Refunds are issued as follows: Checks are issued every two weeks. Pending last refund issue, checks should be received no later than weeks of trip cancellation. Eastern Travel provides the accompaniment of an Escort on most all tours. They cannot be expected to know details of all Oneonta escorts.

For our smoking customers, adequate rest stops are made. A gratuity for the driver and escort is not included in any of our trips. These should be handled on an individual basis rather than as a group collection. We believe this gratuity plays an important role in the success of your tour as it provides the staff with a direct incentive to do their absolute best in what would be otherwise an unsupervised environment. We also believe that the amount should not be fixed or it would become a fee that we might as well add to the cost of the tour. Instead we believe that the level of gratuity should be a personal choice.

It should, in a sense, be a measure of your appreciation of the personal service, attitude and attentiveness of the escort and driver to you — the individual. Therefore, it is very possible that on the same tour there can be gratuities of widely varied amounts, each equitable and proper since it reflects the level of service given to different individuals. The right is reserved to change or modify the itinerary as circumstances require, to cancel tour prior to departure upon full refund of all monies paid and, if necessary, change motels or hotel by substitution of equal or superior accommodations. While we strive to provide on-time service for all of our tours, we do not guarantee departure and arrival times delayed by unforeseeable events including inclement weather, traffic or mechanical failure.

Trips that start out and are cancelled on arrival — ball games, whale watches, races, etc.