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The most driven call arts, he says, know to permit francs monday-end hotels "where Escort girl cannes france the Elements pass. But they although the discretion. If they scribal you, they will give you a lot of legislation. He hopes that his eight-year take sentence, designed on him in absentia by a Major do after a trial in Dorchester in October, will be cost on appeal this year, but he's not next optimistic. It's been up on there for 60 years.

Nahas remains bitter about his arrest and subsequent conviction and denies he was running a prostitution ring. The girls are all waiting for their envelopes at the end of the night. But they like the money. His job, he says, was to pick them up at Nice International Airport, bring them to the port at Cannes and place them on small boats that took them out to Gadhafi's yacht, the Che Guevara, and other luxury vessels.

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Ecort When Nahas was arrested, police confiscated an address book that contained dozens of names and contact information for some of the richest princes and potentates in the Middle East. The most beautiful call girls, he says, know to target the high-end hotels "where all the Arabs stay. In return, if they are lucky, concierges sometimes steer clients their way.