Idle air control 2002 ford escort

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Aside from the few to be expected highway dings, the vehicle was in good condition. It actually stalled once or twice. I ruled out an electrical problem at first because the car cranked right back over. It just would not Idle air control 2002 ford escort correctly. One by one I had ruled out the fuel injectors, and many of the other usual suspects. I took the car in to my guy for service, and I am still waiting to get it back. While it's been in the shop I also became aware that the entire exhaust system is shot. From what my mechanic tells me th vehicle still has all original equipment.

I guess the previous owner's idea of vehicle maintenance was to check the fluids once in a while and change the oil every 3, - 7, miles. I am pretty confident that this problem with the idle is due to a faulty CCRM. The more I have read up on the subject the more confident I have become. You can also try spraying a soap and water mixture on the lines to look for bubbling at the point of a leak.

The check engine light in your vehicle is designed to forx on if the Engine Control Unit ECU identifies an issues with how the engine is running. Look at your dashboard; if the check engine light is on in conjunction with escrt issues, escirt may be because clntrol idle control valve is malfunctioning. A check engine light in conjunction with idle issues can be indicative of a faulty idle control valve. If your vehicle was built prior toyou will need an OBD I scanner. Connect the code scanner to the port beneath the dashboard and turn it on. Once connected, use the scanner to bring up the error codes making the check engine light come on. If your code scanner does not, you will need to look up the code the scanner shows you to find out what it is.

Insert the key into the ignition and start the engine. Wait a minute for the engine idle to level off, then use a pen and paper to write down the RPMs that your engine settles and idles at. With the idle RPMs noted, shut the vehicle back off and remove the key from the ignition. Open the hood and locate the Idle Control Motor.

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Once you locate it, disconnect it. You can usually disconnect the idle control Idle air control 2002 ford escort by unplugging the wiring clip going into it. With the Idle Control Motor disconnected, get back into the vehicle and start the engine again. The engine should still start and run without any issue despite the idle control motor being disconnected. Allow the engine to run for a minute so it settles to a consistent idle, then take note of any difference in the idle RPMs versus the idle you observed earlier. If you identified a difference in engine idle RPMs with the Idle control motor connected and disconnected, confirm your hypothesis by reconnecting it and starting the engine again.