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Like zervice would expect. With a little help from the Government Our market grew. Servive will typically have height poles on it so that bridges and overhead obstacles can be tested for clearance, as based on the height of the truck. This is the only safe way to transport these types of over dimensional loads, and safety Flag car escort service trucking the highway should be your number one concern. State Requirements for Pilot Cars The requirements for pilot cars vary from state to state, each state will have different requirements for pilot cars. For example in California any load more than 12 feet wide, will need to have 1 pilot car or escort vehicle at all times. The pilot car or escort vehicle must have flags, signs, and lights on it to warn the motoring public that there is an oversized load in transit.

In some states and on certain routes the escort vehicle must be in front of the load or tractor trailer, and in other states the escort vehicle has to be behind the load or tractor trailer.

Escorting the Biggest Truck Loads Down the Road

This depends on what state you are hauling through and on what route you are traveling. Some loads that are wider than 14 ft will Flag car escort service trucking 2 pilot cars, one in front of the tractor trailer and one in back of the tractor trailer. This type of car has a special telescopic pole attached to the front bumper, which is adjustable to whatever height is needed for that particular load to clear bridges, traffic Flag car escort service trucking, power lines or other overhead obstructions. In the majority of states these cars are required if the loaded height is more than 17 ft. However, there are some states that require a height pole car at lower heights, in New York height pole cars are required if the loaded height of the trailer is more than 14 ft 6 in.

Most states do not require the pilot car to be certified, but they do need to have specific operational equipment. This equipment may include: However in some states the pilot car must be certified, currently in Utah, Washington, New York and Florida the pilot car must be certified by the state. In Pennsylvania the pilot car will need to have specific insurance coverage requirements. There are also certain over dimensional loads that require state or local police escorts, as an example these are loads that require two lanes or require temporary road closures. These loads are not very common, and the police escort requirements vary state by state.

What is a route survey? If you are in the construction industry, chances are, you are familiar with route surveys. These surveys are important to keep roadways safe for all drivers and the public. Doing a route survey is a complex task that requires keen eyesight and attention to details. To handle a route survey, the survey team will start by looking at the overpasses and bridge clearances. They have to make sure that any over dimensional loads being over height can safely clear the areas. The survey team also has to check on the height of power lines and other overhead obstacles. Over dimensional loads may have trouble clearing power lines that are down too low, thus they have to be raised temporarily by the utility company.