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No holiday to Egypt would be complete without visiting Luxor the home of the Ttips of Escorted trips to egypt Kings on the West Bank and where they discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Luxor's East Bank is where you'll find the temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor. If you have time and energyyou should walk from the Valley trisp the Queens across the desert to the Valley of the Kings. Hire a bike and tour around Ancient Thebes or join a local Felucca boat ride upon The Nile and watch the sunset over the river. Other must-sees whilst touring Egypt include; the ancient passageways of traditional mud-brick villages in the Dakhla Oasis.

Joining a pilgrimage tour of St Katherine's Monastery and having your photo taken beside 'the burning bush'. Marvel at magnificent Mount Sinai or visiting Aswan, one of the most beautiful stretches along The Nile. Rest your weary legs in the tempting coffee houses of Alexandria where you can sip traditional mint tea, smoke a sheesha water pipe and watch the world go by!

Tours of Egypt typically Escotted return flights, go whilst in the resort, accommodation in good standard hotels, meals and a variety of included or optional excursions so tripps can really get Escortee taste of what life is like in this fabulous ancient country. Things to do Although Egypt may be a small part of Africa, there's certainly plenty to keep everyone entertained during their break here. These are just a few of ti essential places you should feature in your touring itinerary: Cairo Possibly one egypf the most famous landmarks in the world, the Pyramids are located in Cairo and are a must-see for all visitors.

The mighty Pyramids of Giza stand on the western bank of The Nile and were hand carved from limestone. Located just metres away from these great Pyramids stand the Sphinx, a large statue of a lions body and a human head believed to be modelled on the Pharoah Chephren. Valley of the Kings Forged forever in Egypt's history, the Valley of the Kings is a fascinating reminder of Egyptian Rulers from times gone by. It is here that that Howard Carter and George Herbert discovered the remains of the boy king Tutankhamun in his infamous burial mask. The Valley of the Kings has 64 tombs, however these are not all open for public viewing, however those that are open, contain fascinating carvings and hieroglyphics lining the walls.

Luxor Often characterised as the 'world's greatest open air museum', Luxor is the site of an ancient Egyptian city called Thebe. Ruins of temple complexes, monuments and tombs still remain today. Visa Requirements for Egypt Tours Visa is required for Egypt which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport in Cairo.

We offer a VIP service whereby our representative will greet you as soon as you get off the airplane and will assist you in obtaining the visa. The cost Escorted trips to egypt included in the trip price. When exiting the country, travelers must show proof of an entry stamp in their valid passport. You may be denied exit if this is not provided to officials. Please ensure your policy will provide you Goth slut king diamond upfront medical coverage so that you are not responsible for a hefty medical bill. Insurance can be purchased through us.

None Please visit a travel clinic or physician 6 to 8 weeks before departure in regards to the following recommended vaccinations: Those arriving in transit from such areas without a certificate will be detained at the airport until their onward flight departs. Avoid poultry farms and live animal marketsDo not consume undercooked eggs or poultryWash your hands oftenSee your physician if you have flu-like symptoms while travelling or after you return home We recommend consulting the World Health Organization and your physician to help you make decisions about the right vaccinations for your travels. While non-prescription drugs such as aspirin are generally available, it is difficult to replace prescription items.

It is also advised to take iodine tablets to purify water if bottled water is not available. It is also strongly advised to take over-the-counter diarrhea medication. Basic medicine kit painkillers, band-aids, antiseptic cream, etc. Digestive aids such as Imodium, Pepto-Bismol; re-hydration salts and anti-diarrhea preparations. Hydrocortisone tablets or cream for allergic skin reactions and bites Anti-nausea tablets if you suffer from motion sickness Sunscreen SPF 30 or higherafter-sun lotion, lip balm, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, Insect repellent Baby wipes or anti-bacterial gel Weather, Seasons and Climate in Egypt Egypt is a huge country with plenty of variety in its climate.

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But generally the weather can be classified as hot Escorter dry with Escored exception of the winter months when it can get quite cold in the North. The best time to visit depends on which region of the country you will be visiting, however winter in Egypt December to February is the tourist high season. The best time to visit most sights, including the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, is from February to April and October to November.