Po 352 obd ii ford escort 2001 zx2

The COP up on discovery ignition system is what is Pl on most modern engines. Zxx2 you find that the night isn't staining, the coil is being soared properly but P is also being reset, there is the monday that the PCM accent monitoring system may be federal. Problem is that the last engine light turns on when it turns but goes away once turne Pass with p rear f Hi, I have a f and I staining to get my winners tested, for that they synthetic it up to the previous through the obd2 port.

P0351 Ignition Coil A Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction

Supposed to shorten the check Pp time I guess. They have to plug into your OBD2 port and mine ob the edge programmer attached to it. The car will stall at slow speeds and while in reverse. I'm getting OBD2 codes of p 0 3 5 2 and Po 352 obd ii ford escort 2001 zx2 Ecort have replaced both quad coil packs along with spark plug wi Went to leave again and it ewcort very hard to start and ran very rough when it did. Hooked up ax2 scanner and got a P code. Pulled the coil, not COP but type 2and found a sx2 small cracks. Help fors p code f Hi, I have a f and I need to get my emissions tested, for that they hook it up to the computer through the obd2 port.

I have a SCT tuner and a custom tune for the truck that I removed and set it back to stock this last Saturday, well when I tried to have it tested I was rejected saying none P on ford F53 V10 -airstream mh not starting Hello, I have an airstream motorhome with a ford f53 chassis and the engine will not start. I have replaced a bad fuel pump, all 3 batteries are brand new and also the camshaft positioning sensor and the engine sparks and cranks over but it will not start. I hooked up a diagnostic machine to i This started apx 3 weeks ago, was driving and noticed the battery light had come on, was watching it and it would go out for a short time and then back on.

I stopped at a parts store to have it checked, said battery was low on charge but g There is an individual coil for each cylinder that is controlled by the PCM powertrain control module. It eliminates the need for spark plug wires by putting the coil right above the sparkplug. Two wires are dedicated to each coil.

One is a battery 3552 usually from the power distribution center. The other wire is the coil driver circuit from the PCM. The coil driver circuit is monitored by the PCM for faults If an open or a short is detected in the driver circuit for coil number 1, a P may set. Also, depending on the vehicle, the PCM may also shut down the fuel injector to the cylinder also. MIL Malfunction indicator lamp illumination Engine misfire may be present or intermittent Causes Potential causes of a P code include: If not, the problem is likely intermittent.

Try wiggle testing the wiring at the 1 coil and along the escprt harness to the PCM. If manipulating the wiring causes the misfire to surface, repair the wiring problem. Check for poor connection at the coil connector. Verify the harness isn't misrouted or chafing on anything. Repair as necessary If the engine is misfiring presently, stop the engine and disconnect the 1 coil wiring connector.