Destroyer escort slater

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In addition, destroyer escorts were designed to be maneuverable, high speed, long ranged vessels that could be built quickly due to their all-welded construction.

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The destroyer escorts were a vital component of the Allied strategy for victory in the Atlantic. Sincethe Slater has been a been a museum shipshowcasing the important history of these humble vessels. Throughout the years the Slter has undergone a thorough overhaul, which included the removal of all the Greek modifications, chipping and repainting nearly every inch of her hull, decks, and bulkheads, and the location and re-installation of several tons of authentic WWII naval equipment. While Britain had mastered the art of the convoy in the First World War — sending merchant ships in large formations, ringed by warships to protect them from submarines — by World War II, they lacked adequate numbers of warships to properly protect them.