Professional honest and ethical escort

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Wilson at the beginning of this article. Quote it as a mantra and remember it always! The final word on bribery—don't jonest it; just plain don't do it—or you'll deserve Professionla the bad things that will surely and inevitably happen to you. This quiz might also be helpful in your police ethics classes and lectures, either for entry level or in-service, as a written exercise or as the basis for a class or small group discussion. Read each scenario carefully and make a mental assessment indicating whether you think the situation is Ethical, Not Ethical, or Questionable. By the way, there is no answer sheet.

Professional ethics

A liquor store owner on your post asks you to escort him to the bank two blocks away after he closes so that he can make a night deposit. A tow truck company proprietor approaches you and requests that you notify him telephonically of any accidents, or disabled or abandoned autos that require towing. An attorney friend of yours requests that you notify him of any motor vehicle accidents in your sector that may be civilly actionable. All he needs is a copy of the accident report and he will take it from there—you will not be involved.

A local funeral director asks you to hold-up traffic at a busy intersection so that he can get a funeral procession moving away in good order. This allows those professionals who act with a conscience to practice in the knowledge that they will not be undermined commercially by those who have fewer ethical qualms. Internal regulation[ edit ] In Professional honest and ethical escort where professional bodies regulate their own ethics, there are possibilities for such bodies to become self-serving and fail to follow their own ethical code when dealing with renegade members. This is particularly true of professions in which they have almost a complete monopoly on a particular area of knowledge.

For example, until recently, the English courts deferred to the professional consensus on matters relating to their practice that lay outside case law and legislation. Examples[ edit ] For example, a lay member of the public should not be held responsible for failing to act to save a car crash victim because they could not give an appropriate emergency treatment. Though, they are responsible for attempting to get help for the victim.

This is because they do not have the relevant knowledge and experience. In contrast, a eghical trained ethiccal with the correct equipment would be capable of making the correct diagnosis and carrying out appropriate procedures. Failure of a doctor to not help at all in such a situation would generally be Professional honest and ethical escort as esscort and unethical. Though, if a doctor honfst and makes a mistake that is considered negligent and unethical, there could be egregious repercussions. An untrained person would only be considered to be negligent for failing to act if they did nothing at all to help and is protected by the "Good Samaritan" laws if they unintentionally caused more damage and possible loss of life.

A business may approach a professional engineer to certify the safety of a project which is not safe. While one engineer may refuse to certify the project on moral grounds, the business may find a less scrupulous engineer who will be prepared to certify the project for a bribethus saving the business the expense of redesigning. Separatists argue that professions should be allowed to go beyond such confines when they judge it necessary.